Wednesday, March 17, 2010


OK! To the stalker I've had watching me wanting to see what I'm doing.... I have tried my hardest to tell you I know who you are. But I guess your not that smart and obviously cant read because your still there. So here are the rules:

1. I COULD CARE LESS WHETHER YOUR WATCHING OR NOT. (I am truly flattered you dont have anything better to do that spend your time with me).....

2. COWGIRL UP! Put your BIG GIRL panties on and DEAL WITH LIFE! ( In english: GET OVER IT)... time to move on.

3.  If you can't understand Rule 1 or 2 see rule 4.

. GET A FREAKING LIFE OF YOUR OWN! Any future issues just email me. BE A BIG GIRL!

To those of you who may see this, and just stoppin by to say hi or see what life is doing in Wichita Falls, please continue to stop by. We just happen to have one RAT in the wood pile who seems that life has nothing better than to follow me and see what dirt she might be able to find. She seems consumed with something she has no control over and instead of moving on and accepting life wants to make life for other Miserable.

 However, what she don't realize is she is the miseable one and needs to grow up. After all these years and still comsumed with bitterness. She ought to count her blessing and be thankful that the ones in her life are there instead of trying to push them away. Instead of thinking about herself, she might ought to think about those that are more important... But since she is so consumed with bitterness and revenage I guess she is to busy to see what is truly important.  I find it quiet sad that she can't enjoy the beautiful day we have outside enjoying life.  We are.......

Off to spend the day having fun with kids and family.... Hope all are having a wonderful Spring Break!


Gini said...

Right on Robin...I could not have said it better...seriously stalker...move on and get over it!

Robin...I absolutely love are one of the most genuine...loving...beautiful on the inside and out woman I have ever are an incredible mom...and you are the bestest friend and girl Ronnie could ever are amazing! Thanks for being my friend Robin...I am truly blessed.