Thursday, January 22, 2009

WOODY STOCK April 11, 2009 Wichita Falls, Texas

So, Woody Stock is coming back to Texoma..... and just in time to celebrate 40!
To see more about the event click on the link attached to the title. The event is April 11 and these are some of the acts....
Kevin Fowler
Johnny Cooper
Under the Influence
Brazo's Stone and more. So come on and join us to celebrate!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Friend of Foe

You know, stupid people really bother me. Last year, I had a person basically "STALKING" me as (she/he) watched every move I made through this site. I know who the person is and made a post stating such. I politely asked them to be a (Man/Woman) and if they had something to say just say it. They knew how to contact me. This person moved and is once again repeating their actions. And once again, I am going to let them know I know. However, if they have nothing better to do than to watch me I am still very flattered. I do know however they have much better things to do and suggest that they do them. Life is to short to let it just fly by becasue we are so bitter with past experiences that it consumes our daily lives and we can't enjoy it and those around us. But, in the end you will do what you want, but I think you should grow up.

"COWGIRL UP" and put your big panties on and deal with it.

"Love Robin"


Hi to all my friends and "Foes" that visits everyday. I know you all have seen this photo before as it is a very special picture to our family. Last year it was chosen as the July 2008 Best Photographers Award" and published in the book by Photo Laureates.

Right now they are having another contest and have chosen my photo for this contest. I would appreciate it if eveyone would click on the title of the photo and vote for my photograph. When you click on the title it will automatically take you to the photo and the voting ballet and all you have to do is vote.

Thank you.
Robin I.

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away"!