Thursday, August 21, 2008

Calgon Take Me Away

Hey All....

Sorry it has been so long since i have been able to drop in, but work has been keeping me really busy. My part-time job has now become a second full-time job. I only see my self in the mirror as I am leaving in the morning or coming home at night.

This week has been total melt down week. I took off on Tuesday Night so I could rest and ended up spending the night in the ER because my oldest son decided not to follow instructions and go outside with out his shoes on and his foot and a piece of glass decided to get into a fight. The glass won. He had to have stitches and it was jut ugly.... did I mention I don't do needles or my childs blood very well. However, he handled the whole situation very well. He walked into the house and told me he cut his foot and needed a band aide. OK!

Tonight was meet the teacher night at Ben Franklin and I received a phone call from one of the other PTA moms asking me if I could help sell SPIRIT SHIRTS! Why me you ask... seems I got elected to the PTA Board. Oh, maybe we ought to take some time and read the papers our children bring home the first day of school instead of just signing duplicate forms. HA HA!

Seems one of those forms last year was saying I would volunteer for the PTA. So, at some meeting I WAS NOT present at, I got elected. Now I hold an office position....! And I will be helping with parties and field day and who knows what else. My main responsiblity is the 6th GRADE party. OH MY! While at the meet the teacher night, my son informed his teacher while I was down stairs saleing shirts that his mom loved to volunteer and signed me up to help with who knows what. The teacher told me thanks. Your Welcome I said!

Tomorrow I have a Teacher Luncheon I have to cook for in a few minutes and Sophmore Orientation. School don't even start until Monday and I am already booked. How did that happen.

All my Scrapbooking buds are in Tahlequah tonight having a blast and I have to be home. :( Oh well! Hope they all have a blast.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well, it's about that time again.... Getting ready to head to Tahlequah. I have been so darn busy and going here and there to crop that my supplies are just scattered. So I have been spending the night organizing my papers and supplies. NO ONE TOLD ME IT WAS A MAJOR UNDERTAKING!

I was just gonna organize my papers... HOW do we accumalate so much in such a short time? I started around 6:30 and it is now 11. Guess early to bed is out of the question tonight.

Friday, August 8, 2008

TEAM PINK @ Scrap-A-Lympics

OK! So I am sitting at my desk and doing my work and Bonni decides to send me an email with a link to a new community..... Srapperie Paper Kit Boutique.

So there I am unaware of what is about to happend... and I log in! DARN HER!
So now, I have signed up for Scrap-O-Lymipcs! WOW!
Those of us who signed up to participate where placed on teams today. I will let you guess what team I am on....!
Anyway, we got kicked off today with a big bang and there will be team medals as well as individual medals. So stop by and come see me...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Weekend

Well, this was a busy weekend.....

On Friday, I took 1/2 day of Vacation so I could attend a crop that I had been invited to by a new group of ladies that I just met this weekend. I had a blast.

On Saturday, I had to go let the carpet cleaners in to do our carpets at work at 8:30am ugggg! Don't know why I do this... JUST SAY NO! HA HA, afterwards I ran home and got cleaned up and took Dustin to IHOP for Breakfast (Lunch) it was about 1pm. He had to have Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Afterwards we went to the local theater here in Wichita Falls with Rosalee, Raegan and Harold to see "WESTSIDE STORY". It was really great. Afterwards we then went to watch some of the Bluegrass Festival that the Wichita Falls Parks and Recreation put on this weekend at the MPEC for FREE! YES FREE! That don't happen often and it was worth going to watch.

Today, I had to work and then came home to take a nap because I had a headache from the heat. I spent the rest of the evening cleaning house and now I am about to go to bed. Hope everyone had a great weekend.....