Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Scrapbook

Thought everyone might like to see what I have been doing and some of my new stuff too.....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where there is HOPE, there is LIFE

Well, Even though our Great Strides Walk was a hit and it is over...Our Fight is not. I would love for each of you to stop for a moment and watch this video. After you watch it finish reading this message:

Now that you have watched this video ask you self...CAN I DO SOMETHING? The answer is yes! If each and everyone of us spread the word we can EDUCATE or society about Cystic Fibrosis.

The Sooner Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is Hosting:

The 1st Annual "KICKBALL for CF" Tournment. The Event is being held on August 16, 2008 in OK City at BOOMTOWN BALL YARDS and I am putting a Team Together to help Raise Money. Each year the foundation depends on people like us to help raise the funds to fund new research for New Drugs and Treatments and Hopefully one day a cure for CF.

Thank You and Remember: Where there is Hope, there is LIFE!

With your help we can KICK Cystic Fibrosis OUT of the PARK!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thank You from RAEGAN'S WALKER'S

All of our team would like to say Thanks you to all of you who helped make our first "CYSTIC FIBROSIS" Great Strides Walk such a success.

See you in 2009!

Team Raegan's Walkers

Artwork Created by: Wenona Barnes

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bobbin' for Apples.....WHATEVER!

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture?
Well lets explain how it got that way.....
4th of July at the Patton Ranch and everyone is having a good time and then it comes time for the games. First Challenge is the Roppin' Contest. Not bad, never had done it but I participated.
Then we move on to the Bobbin' For Apple Contest hosted by non other than Ronnie aka "MY BOYFRIEND". (Lets make if record that anything he is part of when it comes to something like this...well just about anything..."DONT TRUST" he is up to something I promise". But being the "LOVING, TRUSTING", Girlfriend I am I participated in this competition. Did I have a clue something was not right...
#1. Ronnie in Charge of the Game
#2. All night he told his sister and I we were going to do this competition....
#3. WE ALL HAD TO GO TO THE BARN and were brought up like animals on NOAH'S ARK.... 2x2.... "HAve you ever had to go away.....200 + yards from where your bobbin for apples and not watch.
However, the dumb trusting loving family and friends we are we do it.
It comes time for Beverlyn and I to compete against each other and we go up and about 20 feet away from the apple bin we are blind folded. In the distance just before Barb blind folds me, I see his SISTER (who I might add DID NOT participate) was shaking here head in the NO!!!! position. CLUE! Starting to get really worried....
Oh forgot, all over the farm there are large FROGS! So my thought is a FROG was going to jump at me or I was going to have a bucket full of snakes because he knows I am TERRIFIED of them! I told him, if anything jumped out at me...I WOULD K.I.L.L him. His brother-in-law was coaxing me....Left, Right almost there..... and I couldn't stand it. So I would believe there was an apple he put it in my hand. Oh yeah, never trust Chris when he is working with Ronnie.
What you see in the bucket in this picture is 2 apples, and a FRESH PIG Foot straight from the butcher at the local grocery store. CAN YOU SAY YUCK! I am not quiet sure how to get him back... or when, but I will you can count on that one.........
So next time your bobbin' for apples, BE WARE!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Missing You....

A year ago Sunday you came into my life and little did I know what was in store the day we first met. The moment I met you you changed my world and have not stopped since.

Your Smile lights up my world and everything around. You glow when you smile and it makes me smile too. Not to long ago we were all at your land and your mom and I saw you sitting down on the ground watching the kids play and laugh and she said that your smile reminded her of your dad.

I never got a chance to met him, but knowing him through your mom he was one hell of a man. Your mom loved him so much and still does. I hope that someday the love you and I have will be just like that.

You left yesterday to go back to work in Mississippi and everytime you leave I feel like you take a part of me with you. I love you so much and don't truly know how to tell you. I wish I could find the correct words to explain how I feel. When you walk through the door my whole world spins. It's as if we are meeting for the very first time all over again. Even after a year, I still have that same feeling and it is pretty amazing. I hope it never goes away.

Never have I truly had a good relationship...until you. I love you Ronnie and no matter how far you go, or where you are my heart will always belong to you. I never want to know a day without you in my life...because having you and the kids are what makes my world go round.

Thank you for coming into my life and making it so wonderful. I am truly blessed and I now realized just what I have and never want to loose.

I love you with all my heart....

Your Girl Forever....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Path to his Soul.....

OMG! This is the first time I have had something selected to be published and I am so excited. I just got an email this evening telling me that this photo was selected to be published in "The Best of 2008 Photography.

I actually took this photo on my way home from Sherman on Christmas evening around 6pm somewhere between Wichita Falls and St. Joe Texas. I know the spot, but cant tell you the name of the town to save my life. My boyfriend had let me borrow his Rebel Camera and I had to stop and play on my way home. "I just couldn't resist." So this and about 70 other pictures of this and several other horses and about an hour later I am done.

Much to my suprise I captured this amazing image...and trust me when I say it was shear LUCK! I had gotten so wrapped up into the horses through my lens I had not noticed they had come from out in the pasture up close and personal to me at the fence. It was almost as if they enjoyed having their picture taken. I am just tickled pink this is being published. So that is my 15 seconds of fame. YEAH!


Day 1:

Well today was the first day of a week long adventure into the life of a Cowboy for Dustin and Raegan.....

Todays camp consisted of:
* Cleaning Stalls
* Feeding and Watering
* Grooming
*Learning Anatormy
* Walking behind Horse-Proper ways

Dustin told me that his horses name is "Lady" and she looks like a "COW"! LOL I have not figured out why yet. He also told me in an email that while cleaning up poop in her stall she chased him...

Later in talking to him I found out that she had finished eating before he was done and was just falling him around. He said she eats to much because there was too much poop in her stall. HA HA! Hopefully, tomorrow or later this week, I will have pictures!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Hey All,

Well after being gone for a few months I decided that I was going to bring Life is a Journey back. So, that said, after the holiday I will be posting so stop by and say hi.

Have an AWESOME 4th!

Robin aka Wolfhuntress2002