Monday, September 7, 2009

Dustin's Imagination

A few weekends ago, we went and spent the day with Rosalee and watched the Hotter 'N Hell 100. After it was over, everyone went and helped Papa clean out the fish pond in their backyard. While dumping the old water from the pump, we discovered that baby catfish had been hatched. So, Rosalee and Dustin began scoppin them up and putting them into a clean tub of water. Dustin being the inquisitive one wanted to know if they would grow in his fish tank. So he came home with 4. Rosalee told him when they got to big for his tank to bring them back and they would release them. That state triggered a weekend project for Dustin and a life time or worry for the rest of us, because when he gets a project in his mind, non of us are going to get any sleep till it is complete....

Friday night, while I was in my office working on homework and the boys were watching tv or doing what boys do, I could hear Dustin outside working and getting into something. I went to check and he was rock hunting back in the woods behind our house. So I left him alone.....
The next morning I woke early and went outside to see what the day was looking like and saw something strange in my yard....
(all of the stuff was either found at the house or in the woods)
1. GREEN PLASTIC THING: once home to our guinea pigs
2. BLUE PLASTIC THING: part of a child slide found out in woods (FREE)
3. ROCKS: all found out in the woods. Note: large center rock is actually piece of concrete once used to anchor pole in ground that was split in half
4. CINDER BLOCKS: found in woods (new probably $5.00 each) total he has 4
5. WOODEN PALLET: PART of my dang keep things off ground and getting wet
6. WHITE PLASTIC BUCKET: ronnie brought home with dirty laundry in it
7. METAL BUCKET: HAD a plant in it
8. T-POST: Found in woods: I think $5.00 each
9. FISH TANK CLEANING HOSE: use to make water flow: DUSTIN'S, $9.99 @ petco
10. STICKS: found in woods: Dustin says to make look more natural...
11. WATER HOSE: LEFT ON ALL NIGHT: Have not gotten water bill yet
My SONS Imagination: Priceless