Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Goose

"Standing Guard"

The weekend of my birthday Ronnie took us all camping and we sent the weekend in the Wichita Mountains. On Saturday we went up to Medicine Park and spent several hours walking around while the kids played in the river. Rosalee and I stopped off at the Riverside Cafe and enjoyed the music from the Tavern next door and while enjoying the day noticed a Goose on the rocks across the water from us. We also saw that he was standing guard over his "Lady" and new "Baby".

"Mama and Baby"

So this weekend the boys went to their Aunts and our drop off and pick up point was Medicine Park. Yesterday while waiting for everyone to arrive, I went over to see if I could see our new mama and her baby and with hopes that maybe another egg had hatched.

Well, I found our little family, but they had only had the one little baby Goose. He was so adorable waddling around and exploring his new world. We got to feed him and his parents but we were unable to hand feed like the other geese. They wouldn't let us too close without "Hissing" at us.

"Exploring new Territory"