Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Path to his Soul.....

OMG! This is the first time I have had something selected to be published and I am so excited. I just got an email this evening telling me that this photo was selected to be published in "The Best of 2008 Photography.

I actually took this photo on my way home from Sherman on Christmas evening around 6pm somewhere between Wichita Falls and St. Joe Texas. I know the spot, but cant tell you the name of the town to save my life. My boyfriend had let me borrow his Rebel Camera and I had to stop and play on my way home. "I just couldn't resist." So this and about 70 other pictures of this and several other horses and about an hour later I am done.

Much to my suprise I captured this amazing image...and trust me when I say it was shear LUCK! I had gotten so wrapped up into the horses through my lens I had not noticed they had come from out in the pasture up close and personal to me at the fence. It was almost as if they enjoyed having their picture taken. I am just tickled pink this is being published. So that is my 15 seconds of fame. YEAH!


Margee' said...

Congrats! Great picture.