Monday, July 14, 2008

Missing You....

A year ago Sunday you came into my life and little did I know what was in store the day we first met. The moment I met you you changed my world and have not stopped since.

Your Smile lights up my world and everything around. You glow when you smile and it makes me smile too. Not to long ago we were all at your land and your mom and I saw you sitting down on the ground watching the kids play and laugh and she said that your smile reminded her of your dad.

I never got a chance to met him, but knowing him through your mom he was one hell of a man. Your mom loved him so much and still does. I hope that someday the love you and I have will be just like that.

You left yesterday to go back to work in Mississippi and everytime you leave I feel like you take a part of me with you. I love you so much and don't truly know how to tell you. I wish I could find the correct words to explain how I feel. When you walk through the door my whole world spins. It's as if we are meeting for the very first time all over again. Even after a year, I still have that same feeling and it is pretty amazing. I hope it never goes away.

Never have I truly had a good relationship...until you. I love you Ronnie and no matter how far you go, or where you are my heart will always belong to you. I never want to know a day without you in my life...because having you and the kids are what makes my world go round.

Thank you for coming into my life and making it so wonderful. I am truly blessed and I now realized just what I have and never want to loose.

I love you with all my heart....

Your Girl Forever....


Margee' said...

That was truly from the heart!