Monday, February 23, 2009

OMG! Look at the time

Well, I had been sitting here working on my new blog.... Where I come From and realized it's 12:53 am on Tuesday morning. UGG! I've got to be up in about 5 hrs. So thought while I was here, I'd stop and share the weekend with everyone.

Ronnie took Dustin hunting for the first time this weekend. They had a big Coyote hunt yesterday and so Dustin says he enjoyed it and ready to go again. While the guys hunted, Rosalee and Beverlene and I went riding "The Barnes over outside of Electra. It was so beautiful. You never actually realize just what God has blessed us with till you actually see it, sittin' top of a 1500 lb animal, walkin long side the canon and the only thing keepin you from fallin' in to the river is your horse. WOW! What a view. During our ride yesterday we saw a few rabbits taking chase to who knows what, about 5 Armadillo's that had no clue we were even watching them, 4 very large wild hogs, and about 12 Deer. The best thing about the ride.... Everyone came out without a scratch and no one was hurt. Which is always a good thing!

I found my first Antler yesterday. Its a game we play while riding out at the Barnes. If you dont find one on the ride, you WALK home. Not really, but it makes for a fun day. I spot it about 200 yd's out and called it and about that time Beverlene's Brother took chase and I went after it. Not even thinking about what I was doing dismounted Newt mid run and scooped down for the kill. No one thinking about the fact, I just came off my horse while he was MOVING! I have now officially been called... "A Bulldogger" YEAH! Anyway, Goodnight and hope all is well on your side of the world....