Saturday, September 27, 2008

Learning to Bow Hunt

While out on the farm, Chris (WENONA's ) Hubby showed she and I how to shoot a bow. Talking about HARD. Well, lets start by saying this is his bow. What you can see is he has some IRON packed in those arms and it is way to much bow for she or I. However, what an awesome looking teacher don't you think. LOL
Now, while this looks painful and really awful, it was just part of having fun. It was a very hard lesson in HOW NOT to hold the bow. And trust me I learned. Do not Try this at HOME, we are Professional IDIOTS!

And after all that, at least I hit the target, not were I aimed, but being it was my first time ever.....(I DIDNT HAVE TO GO HUNTING FOR THE BOW). Had it been a deer...... well, that is for another day.

Moral of this story:

Compond Bow: $500-600 (guessing here)

Private Lesson: A few Bumps and Brusies (but great instructor)

Spending time with Family: PRICELESS

We actually had a blast doing this. We got to spend time with the family while the kids played out on the land and had fun in the dirt and mud. Ronnie and the kids put up tents while we got a bow lesson. Then we went down to the pond to see all the animal tracks that we have out there and then to the Medicine Show Play downtown that Gandma was in. We had a wonderful night. Didn't cost a thing and everyone had a blast.